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TCL - Audio Thermo-Compressor

Product number:
KVV 987 478
Final price:
799 EUR
Price in foreign currency:
999 USD
20.487 CZK
799 EUR

Product description

The TCL is a unique analog thermo audio compressor featuring a superior natural RMS detector and dynamic voice bass enhancement control. In another KV2 first its patent pending design offers an exceptionally musical and natural compression that is a component part of its real-time input, rather than a typical side fed gain reduction circuit attempting to either follow or anticipate compression demands. Its additional Bass balance control circuit allows the user to smooth out and minimise any proximity effects from a changing microphone position, giving the perfect voice color to every performance, from beginning to end. Featuring source intelligent attack and release times, whatever the dynamic content, with just a few simple steps the results from the 500 Series TCL are truly exceptional.

Technical specifications

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