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MPA - Microphone Preamplifier

Product number:
KVV 987 482
Final price:
999 EUR
Price in foreign currency:
1.249 USD
25.615 CZK
999 EUR

Product description

The MPA is a Very High Definition microphone and musical instrument preamplifier with Class-A circuitry and a high quality transformer balanced output. A stepped Input gain selector is provided for easy and precise repeatability of settings. The preamplifier features adjustable high and low pass filters, with an adjustable limiter to control clip level and a transformer isolated high impedance line input. It also has a further auxiliary transformer balanced isolated output meaning a number of these units can be used together to make a multi-channel stage preamp, for splitting FOH and monitoring outputs, or for broadcast and recording duties -delivering them all through line drivers in pristine audio quality. Phase reverse and an in-built headphone amplifier, which doubles up as a third output, completes the feature rich unit. With the exceptional quality of all KV2’s analog outboard electronics, the MPA can replace a preamplifier, Di-box/Splitter, line driver and headphone amplifier all in one box. 

Technical specifications

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