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QD8 - Stereo 8-band Master EQ with Line Driver

Product number:
KVV 987 477
Final price:
799 EUR
Price in foreign currency:
999 USD
20.487 CZK
799 EUR

Product description

A revolutionary George Krampera 8-band Equaliser specifically designed to highlight a desired band without adversely affecting the overall sonic landscape. Whilst not intended for tuning out room modes, the frequency bands and filter types have been precisely chosen after extensive research, to perfectly align with the science of human hearing and our perception of achieving the ultimate spectral balance. In a Live scenario, faced with a number of different sources, program types, or performance genres at a festival or concert, the equaliser is very musical, intuitive and exceptionally quick way to shape any mixed content to the sound you want to hear. In the studio, it can be either the simple enhancement of an instrument / vocal track, or the final mastering polish to take an ordinary mix and make it something very special.

Technical specifications

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